Life As We Know It

“If SNL and Curb Your Enthusiasm had a lovechild, it would be ‘Life As We Know It.‘” –Fayetteville Observer

The craziness of contemporary life is the fodder for theatrical fun in ‘Life As We Know It.’ Consisting of six
sidesplitting comedies for short attention spans, “Life As We Know It” abounds with satirical and physical
comedy. The show pokes irreverent fun at Netflix binging, social media addiction, the feuding between
Southern natives and transplants and other modern day maladies.

And Through Kim We Are Saved: Two star-struck missionaries besiege a cynical middle-aged woman to join their “Church of Celebrity Gospel and they’re not taking “no” for an answer.
Don’t Press Play: A middle-aged couple’s desperate attempt to overcome their Netflix addiction leads to
unexpected adventure.
Six Figures Under: Cosmetic surgery obsessed “cougar” Ms. V wants her funeral to be the ultimate send-off
party, but will her young lover kill her plans?
Face Time: A cell phone addict is on vacation in Paris with his frustrated, neglected girlfriend. Will a
handsome, cell- free Parisian man woo her away?
Car Talk: An anxiety-ridden accountant’s search to buy the perfect car and his status-hungry fiancée leads to
comic escapades in the car lot.
Hard Copy: In this short, sexy, comedy, an anxiety ridden MBA needs to print out hard copy for a top client, but does the printer have needs of its own?