A Southern Girl’s Gotta Have It

“It’s Tina Fey meets Dolly Parton!” – Fayetteville Observer.

“A Southern Girl’s Got To Have It” is a Southern-Fried SNL” – Up & Coming Weekly (Fayetteville)

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What does a Southern girl got to have? Maybe it’s a slick talking Yankee boyfriend! Finding stardom in a zombie movie! Getting her daughter into Clemson? Or maybe just getting the dang copier to work! Whatever it is, these wacky Southern women and the other outrageous characters in these short but sassy comedies that make up “A Southern Girl’s Got To Have It” will certainly delight with brimmed to the rim Dixie-fried fun.

Here’s a look at the fast-paced, funny business you’ll find in “A Southern Girl’s Got To Have It.”

  • “Carolina Fever” –A diehard Carolina Rams Mom locks horns with an uppity UNC college admissions officer when he dares to deny her high school daughter entrance into “Tarheel Heaven.”
  • “Let’s Mullet Over” – Welcome to Eunice’s Beauty, Barber, Bait & Tackle Shop where hairstylist Beau E. the self-proclaimed “Inventor of the Mullet” is determined to snip a tough talkin’ “Yankee” customer’s locks into his legendary “do!” Meanwhile boss lady Eunice wants the mysterious walk-in for naughtier reasons.
  • “Hard Copy” – The  clock is ticking for Dolly Parton worshipping MBA Peg who needs to print copies for a top client as the deadline draws near. But does the printer have needs of its own?
  • “Die Zombie Extra Die:” When a low-budget, movie director casting a zombie film visits a small town, Southern thrift shop, Lula Mae Johnson, owner and middle-aged Hollywood wannabe, pulls out all the stops to sell him on her acting skills and revive her dead career.
  • “There Will Be Fruitcake” A Southern Mama and her Weather Channel addicted husband eagerly anticipate their college freshman daughter coming home for the holidays.  But when Mom discovers that her bird is not flying back to their empty nest, she cracks and goes on a mission to alternately woo and wreak revenge for her daughter’s willful absence.
  • “Done With Duane” Brandi is giving up Twinkies, carbs, and, most of all — Duane.


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